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Portraits may be created in my studio or out in the field.  I use the latest studio lighting and high resolution cameras to capture, for you, a portrait you will cherish for a lifetime.

Quite often I will require a change of costume for different looks and effects, i.e. glamour, business, casual.  You and I will discuss your changes prior to the actual shoot.

If you desire to achieve a model portfolio look your shoot will include a pre-shoot for light and color testing.  Again we will discuss this in depth prior to the photo session.

Some rules I will always require; I don’t like to photograph anyone wearing white shirts or blouses, I prefer earth tone colors.  I don’t like prints or highly colorful clothing unless they are required for the shoot.  Hast, scarves, gloves, any accessories are always welcome in the shoot especially if they bear some special memory for you.  White is a tough color to blend with skin tones.  The camera will always try to darken the entire images to adjust for the whiter tones it sees in the image.  Consequently, rather than argue with the camera I just try to stay away from white.  I can handle white very well, however, if the color is a must.

Portrait sitting fees inside the studio are $50.  Outside the studio are $75 plus costs, mileage, props, insurance, motel etc..