How Do I Find The Photo Number?

There are two ways to find the correct Photo Number to order pictures on the internet, or by phone.

1. If you are ordering a copy of a print you already have, the photo number will be on it, or on your invoice for it. It should be hand printed on the back of your photo near the Limited Rights Statement. The Photo Number consists of Show Name (or Location), Year, and Proof Number (Two numbers seperated by a dash). For example, the Victory Pass for the World Grand Champion of 2003 (The Whole Nine Yards) Photo Number is Celebration 2003 76-83

2. If you are ordering a picture on the internet, you will not be able to give us all of the information for the Photo Number. You will be able to give us the Show Name, Year, and half of the Proof Number (the number under the photo on the Horseshow Proofs sheet) For us to find your photo, we also need the class number. For example, for this same picture from Celebration 2003, the Photo Number is Celebration 2003 Class 152 DSC_0076.JPG.

*Please Note! For Celebration 2003 orders, please include ALL the letters and numbers under each photo.

If you have any further questions, please call us. 615-893-3993